Perfect Level Master


The challenge:

In 2018, Perfect Level Master approached us to produce a complete set of videos that would meet three goals:

  • Immediately increase online conversions and sales 
  • Build their digital brand presence and community 
  • Target customers during major holidays (Fathers Day & Christmas) 

The videos needed to provide information about their product line while also entertaining the viewer.

The solution:

Our research helped us understand that that the target market, tile installers, loved to share funny videos with colleagues on sites and through social networks.

Black Hawk wrote and produced eight unique video campaigns that would be released throughout the year.

The result:

The campaigns we produced for Perfect Level Master achieved over 2M views on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

We checked in with the CEO of Perfect Level Master, Tom Biec, just two months after the campaigns started to roll out. He wrote back with this. 

"Dude, I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve had my online sales explode. I think it’s just growing awareness and trust, a lot is from social."

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