LinkedIn Video Ads

If you run a business or you are an individual who knows that personal branding is important, LinkedIn is the place to be. LinkedIn is the biggest professional network online and can boast over 400 million members in more than 200 countries. Each second, two new members sign up. Consider the following reasons why your business efforts can blossom as a member of LinkedIn.

1. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business-minded people looking to make connections, generate new leads, and build their own personal brand. For many businesses, LinkedIn has become a game-changer they can rely on. These are the people and businesses who know the value of LinkedIn as a viable marketing strategy. LinkedIn surpasses Facebook as a marketing tool for business professionals.

2. Now, there are new stats that indicate that LinkedIn may be one of the most effective platforms for launching products. LinkedIn has changed the way that news and media information distributes through bloggers and consumers. As much as 82% of all businesses now leverage LinkedIn for launching new products.

3. LinkedIn is also a great way to recruit new talent. Career websites and job boards are usually the top channels for job seekers and those looking to recruit new talent. No doubt, LinkedIn has put a dent in the efforts of staffing agencies as well.

Up Your Online Profile with LinkedIn Video Ads

Video ads can help keep your brand noticed. This is good for marketers who value and prioritize transparency and quality. LinkedIn is the perfect venue for branded video campaigns that can differentiate "good from excellent." LinkedIn offers a suite for B2B targeting that enables marketers to segment their targets by company name, industry, seniority, and even job title.

There is no barrier to video entry on LinkedIn. Now, marketers can contract for the creation of quality content. This is what we offer at Black Hawk. We can help you leverage LinkedIn as the ideal platform for sharing videos related to your business.

How We Approach Creating Your Video Ad

We will start by conducting research with respect to what you want to accomplish with your LinkedIn Video. The answer will drive your video's creation. We can do this by learning more about your marketing cycle, your target audience, and where they happen to be in your sales cycle.

Next, we will focus on helping people become more aware of your brand. We do not want to give away all your secrets at this stage, but we do want to create the content that inspires your audience to trust your brand. This is the stage where we will create content that captures their attention, and further drives curiosity them deeper into your sales funnerl. We will also determine an effective length for your video. The video's content will elaborate about your brand, share your company's mission, and convey thought-leadership.

We know there are always prospects interested in your product that seek more information about your company. This is where your video ad can provide information that your company leads the market, and that your company offers solutions that customers search for. We can help provide the content to showcase what you do. This may include case studies, or how your company has applied specific solutions to certain problems.

Let the Right Content Tell Your Story

At Black Hawk, we conduct the research that can tell your story. Your video ad can break down walls, and if you choose, you can personally tell your company's story. We can help you create videos that will resonate with your audience. We know that video storytelling can create a lot of interest.

We will enable you to humanize your video offers. Your video will show viewers the soul of your brand. You can add a personal greeting and reveal your culture and brand to the world. We can also utilize your personal stories, even humor, to your greatest advantage.

There can be casual side to videos that allow you to connect with your audience, while still keeping things professional on your end. We help you to build your brand awareness with like professionals. Our efforts will also help you acquire customers and build a base of qualified leads, and then measure the impact that your LinkedIn videos are having on customers.

At Black Hawk, our qualified team of professionals are there with you every step of the way in the process. They bring a lot of enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience to bear on every project. This way, our customers know they are receiving the best service possible. When it comes to LinkedIn Video ads, Amazon product reviews, VR 360 video, drone videography, Web video production, aerial video and animation, we are the experts you can turn to. Contact us today to learn how you can start creating your video.