Company Recruitment Video

All You Need to Know About Recruitment Videos

At Black Hawk we produce effective recruitment videos for a wide range of companies, brands, media organizations and NGOs.

About 70% of the most successful job candidate search listings use recruitment videos. That's because people respond better when information is relayed to them visually. Job posts that include recruitment videos get 36% more applications.

That's why organizations looking to attract the best and brightest candidates use recruitment videos to go beyond the traditional approaches to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in their employee recruitment efforts.

Why Are Recruitment Videos Such An Effective Recruiting Tool?

The top companies use multimedia tools to create a desirable perception of their organization in the eyes of the employees they recruit. Recruitment videos are potent tools for effectively conveying the culture of their companies. They can transform staid careers pages into exciting virtual tours. Our recruitment video production services will help your company go beyond establishing a presence on hiring and recruitment channels to creating an awesome highlight of your best employees doing incredible work in a supportive, mentally-stimulating, tech-savvy environment.

Growing In Popularity

Over 80% of businesses use video to market their company and recruit new employees. And 99% of those companies say they'll continue using marketing and recruitment videos in 2018 and beyond because it provides an excellent return on investment. More than 65% of companies not currently using video say they plan to start doing so in 2018. Employment industry experts say there's no doubt recruitment videos are here to stay because of their success in helping attract the best employees.

Recruit Better Candidates

With our innovative, experienced staff and high-quality equipment, the recruitment video production services we provide at Black Hawk can help any company send a clear, concise message that successfully conveys their company culture and work environment and attract the best job seekers. This will improve the quality of the applicants interested in your open positions. You can use the recruitment videos in your social media marketing campaigns and in e-mails to potential employees. Let's make a video and supercharge your employee recruitment efforts.

Enhance Recruitment Efficiency

A top recruiting trend in 2018 is focusing more on quality than on quantity. Using recruitment videos improves candidate matching, helps identify the strongest candidates and enhances recruiter efficiency. Recruitment videos show a company's facilities, work environment, job functions, employee and customer testimonials and messages from recruiting managers. This helps job seekers self-select leaving only candidates with the appropriate skillset, temperament and career goals as applicants for the available positions.

Purpose, Tone And Tenor

Recruitment videos are created with two purposes in mind. They are designed to help companies find the best candidates for the jobs that need to be filled. They are also produced to give potential employees a clear understanding of what it's like to work for the company and the type of business environment in which they will be expected to fit. To fulfill both these roles, we include several important elements and produce recruitment videos with a specific tone and tenor. The recruitment video will be:



*Contain Multiple Voices

*Be Authentic and Passionate

*Have A Personal Touch

*Accurately Reflect The Company's Culture

Elements In The Video

As part of our recruitment video production services, we will visit your workplace, meet with your staff, talk to your customers and film the entire facility. This will enable us to create a recruitment video that accurately captures and displays your organization. Our recruitment videos include simple, persuasive employee testimonials, accurately depict your the company culture and give your target audience a unique perspective of the work environment as a great place for employees to learn and grow personally and professionally.

The video will also show ways the company is unique and what makes working there so appealing. We will provide an inside look at the company by incorporating footage from an actual work day showing the types of projects they do. The recruitment video will begin with a brief 30 to 45 second introduction and end with a short, but powerful, call to action encouraging the viewer to take specific steps to apply for a position with the company. The video will feel fresh and natural, not forced and scripted. It will be a timeless recruitment tool you can use for years to come.

At Black Hawk we offer unmatched recruitment video production services. The content, music, animation, graphics and voiceover work creates recruitment videos that can positively impact the quality of the applicants your job postings attract. Contact us today and let's make a video.