Commercial video production is critical because today's consumer is no longer just an auditory learner. People are also visual learners, and they spend a lot of time watching commercials and videos to stay informed.

Consider that the average person remembers 10% of what they read, and 20% of what they see. Combine hearing and seeing and they can retain up to 50% of what is both heard and seen.

Here's the reality. Not every company has the ability to produce quality commercial videos. This is where Black Hawk steps up to the plate and can deliver on a promise.

Commercial Video Production That Exceeds Expectations

Here's a scenario. Imagine your business is looking to save a few bucks, and decides to hire an amateur with marginal experience. Sure, it sounds tempting and you can imagine standing in the heroes circle if the person you hire can pulls it off.

But what if there's a snag in the process and the product or person you hired falls short of expectations? The truth is everyone is familiar with the wisdom of doing things right the first time around. It saves headaches, time, money, and embarrassment.

Pursue a Worthy Goal

Your mission is to target your audience with a message that resonates. It's also to be way more savvy than your competition. If you're still having second thoughts about hiring experts for commercial video production, like the team at Black Hawk, here are several reasons that might help you to cross the divide:

Commercial production videos can be extremely versatile in promoting your company's products and services.
Videos can be quite cost-effective, and can be quickly and effectively produced by the experts at Black Hawk.
Videos can enhance your brand land cement your company's message in the minds of consumers.
A commercial video can engage members of your target audience up to 250% more.
A commercial video can help generate a great deal more brand visibility and exposure for your corporate presence online and offline.
A commercial video can also convey to the world your that your company is an expert and an authority in its field.
If you're searching for a commercial video production company and any of the following qualities are missing, run in the opposite direction.

1. Only work with companies that field crews with proven experience. The crew should include a sound engineer, make-up artist, photography director, and a director at the very least. Anything less and you're throwing value out the door.
2. Work with professionals who are committed to getting the job done. There will always be a minor snag, some occasions never, but you need to know they can work through the challenges and meet expectations.
3. Only work with professional who run an efficient operation from planning to the finished product.

What We'll Need from You

That's what you'll need from us. Here's what we'll need from you. We'll expect your presence on the set. We just want to make sure that you're involved and that you get the desired results that you want.

We'll also need your full attention. It's important to make sure that your commercial video is created in your brand and voice.

We always encourage a client's input. We conduct a thorough analysis of your needs, wants, and expectations at the beginning of the product. Then, when we have a green light from you, we're off and running.

Power and Effect of Commercial Videos

At Black Hawk, we have our finger on the pulse of commercial video production. And we know that commercial videos can provide the solution your company needs to increase its bottom line.

Commercial videos, when done right, can be entertaining, effective, and quite engaging. And while it's now far easier and cost effective to create a commercial video, you'll still need to work with the professionals who can create the product that's best for your business.

Work with Professionals in the Know

We invite you to give us a call today to learn more about our products and services. We have the video solutions that can help take your company to its next level of success and we'll make sure your project is on track from start to finish.