Amazon has grown from an online book store into the world's largest marketplace, and the company is constantly evolving.

Although sellers were already able to integrate video into their pages through Amazon Product Videos, the company recently released Amazon video ads as well. Amazon's new video advertising product is open to all sellers which means that any seller can target ads at the millions of shoppers who browse the platform through desktops and mobile devices.

By default, the ads are muted, but listeners can choose to view their ad in full-screen mode. To the average individual, Amazon video ads might seem a little complex.

However, at Black Hawk, we stay on top of the technology and trends that keep businesses at the top of their game. The ads are available in every location operated by the Amazon Media Group. Without Amazon product videos for a product catalog, a marketer may lose out to the competition.

Video is still one of the most powerful and economic means of communicating on the Web. Consumers are far more likely to purchase a product viewed by a video or products that simply offer Web content as an explainer. In fact, the raw numbers indicate that everyone will watch at least one online video each day. Up to 33 percent of all Internet activity involves video watching. Consumers also tend to retain more of what they experience through videos.

Reasons to Employ Amazon Product Videos

At Black Hawk, we know that video images are powerful and can easily evoke emotions in people. However, a video should be of quality production for conversions to increase. Driving and increasing sales conversions should be the goal of any company with an online presence. When shoppers view videos, they are 80 percent more likely to make a purchase. One reason is that videos have the power to educate shoppers. Of course, shoppers who feel educated have a safer feeling when following through with their purchase.

Testimonial Videos for Your Amazon Products Page

If you are not using e-commerce videos on your Amazon page, there is a strong likelihood your business is losing money. Testimonials are a great way to get people to listen and to build trust with your prospects. Testimonial videos go hand-in-hand with product videos and can allow business owners to connect with customers who may be sitting on the fence and waiting for a reason to reach a buying decision. We also place testimonial videos under the umbrella of influencer marketing. For your own experience, scan the bottom of an Amazon and you may get a solid glimpse of the power of customer reviews. In fact, people trust customer reviews up to three times more than a professional review.

Create the Opportunity to Showcase Your Best Products

We can create a video to showcase your best products. We are very careful to make sure there are no scratches or defects. At Black Hawk, our team has the talent, experience, and skills to make products look amazing. We have global reach, and we have worked with some heavy-hitters who are pleasrd with how we have moved the needle. E-commerce product videos can help move products and get people motivated to buy. Our team knows the Amazon e-commerce platform, and can create your video for success from the very start.

Challenges of the Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is a great place to shop for consumers. However, for marketers and business owners, it happens to be a challenging marketplace. For Black Hawk, the challenges present few problems. This is because we work within the Amazon space every day and we know the technical requirements needed to make sure that a client's media campaign is right on target and poised to beat their competition.

We know the type of photo and video content that gets the job done, and that can clearly communicate product features and benefits. We think that any job worth doing should be done with expertise. Finally, we will leave with you a few statistics we think you can sink your teeth into.

Staggering Facts About Video Consumption

1. YouTube can boast over a billions users. This is about a third of everyone who uses the Internet.
2. It is edging close to 50 percent of people who watch at least an hour of YouTube or Facebook videos in a week.
3. People watch close to half a billion videos each day.
4. More video content is uploaded every 30 days on YouTube than was uploaded in over three decades of television.
5. Finally, close to 90 percent of all online marketers utilize video content in some way or another.

Our comprehensive list of services include animation, aerial video, drone videography, VR 360 video, LinkedIn video ads, and Web video production. We invite you to give us a call today and start creating your video.