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There is a certain fascination that people have with videos. Place the word explainer in front of the word video and it becomes a video that introduces a company's products or services. One thing for certain, explainer videos exude power. They are also popular. Video content format offers a lot of benefits when it comes to conversions and sales. Thus, explainer video production services are on the rise for those companies that find value in the service. There is a reason why such videos are so popular, and a closer look reveals why.

A majority of Web traffic is driven by video content. Greater than 90% of all traffic on the Internet associates with some type of video content. Also, a majority of Internet searches are driven by people looking for, or looking at, videos. There is no stopping the wave. Some explainer video production services are taking full advantage of the opportunity to help grow client operations.

Facts You Should Be Aware Of

1. All it takes is two minutes for an explainer video to convert an interested prospect into a sale. Brick and motor locations also benefit by using explainer videos online. People have a tendency to visit a store location after watching the store's video.

2. Videos have staying power too. People will remember the video's content days after watching the video—even weeks later. While not everyone buys on the spot, it is always a good thing to be at the top of their mind when they are ready to make a buying decision.

3. These numbers should really grab your attention. Two out of three people will click through to your site if they find your video relevant. They click through to purchase or to learn more about your products or services. This is an opportune time to deliver more material and content that will help to further educate your prospect.

4. Everyone is familiar with the old saying that a picture paints a thousand words. Well, videos are many times more powerful as sound and visual components combine for a powerful effect. The video format enables a lot of critical information to be shared within a very short amount of time.

Serious Visibility

When it comes to brand exposure and visibility, there is nothing that beats a well-orchestrated video. Simply put, it is the one thing that can empower your SEO strategy by leaps and bounds. Google loves content that keeps people on a page, or that refreshes a website.

The average time spent on a Web page might be two seconds, and longer if a person finds what they are looking for. With videos, that attention span increases to several moments. In a virtual world filled with billions of Web pages, this is an amazing revelation. At Black Hawk, we know that an explainer video can also give your company additional props on YouTube.

Look at your explainer video as an Internet business card. Your video has the capacity to tell others what you do. At Black Hawk, we can create the videos that will help you plan both content and marketing campaigns.

Here are some additional, positive, facts about explainer videos.

1. Internet users are quite savvy about sharing videos they approve of. The key for success is that videos need to be branded, educational, relevant, and that which people are willing to share.

2. A significant number of businesses have seen improvements in their conversion rates because of videos. Increased conversions lead to increased profits.

3. A significant number of businesses who use videos also have a strong social media presence. Social media is still one of the most effective ways to distribute videos and to connect with customers and prospects.

At Black Hawk, we work hard to get to know your business and its culture. We will also nail down your brand perception in order to create an engaging video for your company. We will also make sure your video delights its viewers. Contact Black Hawk today, and let's make a video.

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