Customer Testimonial Videos
Imagine if a customer video testimonial video could increase your revenue by 62% or more?
Visual testimonies on a company site are now an integral part of the video marketing toolkit. As a premier testimonial video production company, we at Black Hawk know the power of videos.

Videos That Help Your Business Grow
Utilize Company Testimonial Videos to Boost Revenue

According to marketing stats, up to 90% of customers are influenced by online testimonial videos. Company videos can also tell you a lot about your customers. If customers are willing to go on camera for you, that means they believe in you. A rejection by a customer may also give you an idea of what you might be doing wrong that prevents that customer from becoming an obvious fan. A testimonial video production is a key to lifting your company's revenues.

Encourage Buyers to Make a Purchasing Decision

A video on Your "About Us" page or "Team" page can be the perfect place for a story that differentiates your brand from the competition. Offer customers that extra nudge to help them power through the deal.

Expect a great company testimonial video to have the following characteristics:

  • They're both approachable and conversational
  • They deliver a personal touch and are quite authentic
  • They inspire a sense of passion in the viewer
  • Most importantly, they remain true to your brand
How We Measure Your Video's Success

Viewer engagement is a tell-tale sign of how well your video is performing. Viewer engagement is kind of like your customers sticking around to meet the team after a presentation.

Boost Your Company's Credibility

Lift your company's credibility through video testimonials. Seeing is believing! There's nothing as convincing as having videos of true customers sharing the good news about your products or services in a positive and enthusiastic way. The bottom line is that customers trust other customers.

Shore Up Your Company's Authenticity

Customer regard video testimonies as being more legitimate than a written testimonial. Testimonials enable customers to apply a face and name as opposed to simply reading text. After all, customers may think the company wrote the text. Video testimonials are tangible, and foster authenticity and credibility between a company and its customers.

Give Your Video Testimonials Additional Reach

Spread your testimonials through the power of social media. All it takes is a click to share with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media venues. You'll get an additional boost in sales by encouraging your customers to leave comments.

Customer interactions can create a stronger bond between the customer and your company. Update your testimonials on a regular basis. The updates are great for SEO, and it's a given that your website will likely get more click-throughs.

Offer Your Customers Real Value

Customers look for quality representation from companies. They also like truthful and consistent communication. It's one thing to tell the world that you care for your customers, and it's another thing for customers to say they care enough about your company to offer a testimonial. Videos and testimonials combined offer prospects a great deal of value.

Black Hawk Video Creation Best Practices

At Black Hawk, we think there is a right way to create videos for the greatest impact. Otherwise, the results will lead to poor messaging and production value.

1. We make sure that participants give their testimonials in a professional and comfortable setting.

2. The best videos are those spoken from the heart. We'll make sure the testimonial is given by interviewees who are reliable and trustworthy. A candid deliverance creates impact.

3. We'll also determine the best length for your testimonial video. We're aware of how long customers can retain their attention span. We'll make sure your video addresses their needs and concerns.

At Black Hawk, we believe in the power of company testimonial videos. Our suite of services include video production, animation, LinkedIn video ads, drone videography, aerial video, Amazon product videos, VR 360 and Web video production.

And we're happy to share our professional portfolio that includes satisfied customers who were gracious enough to give their own testimonials about our services.

You can also count on the fact that we'll thoroughly discuss all aspects of your project before we begin creating your video. At Black Hawk, we're all about creativity and delivering customer videos that get measure results. Call us today to learn more about where our services can take your company.

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